Importance of Electricity

Electricity has become quite common in today’s world. Everybody loves what it can do and loves the level at which it is being used. The street lights work on electric current. Fans in the court, office rooms, homes, etc. all work on electricity. Trains and trams too run on the power on electricity. Hence electricity is no longer a strange thing.

The discovery of electricity happened some six hundred years ago. It was a little later that the American scientist Benjamin Franklin proved the existence of electric power in the clouds with the help of a kite. The lightening from the clouds is nothing but the discharge of electricity.

Electric power is generally generated from the waterfalls and dams through an artificial process. Electric power is also collected from the coals by installing thermal stations near the coal mines. Did you know? The heat under the earth and the heat from the Sun can also be turned into electric power. However the present era is the era for electricity, wherein it is used practically everywhere. The large scale industries are easily run by the use of electric current. A number of small scale industries get into guild system and take the help of electricity. The railway trains, trams and buses are moved by the power of electricity. Hospitals too have great use of electricity. The X-ray machines, great surgical treatments are done in the darkest nights only with the help of this great discovery called electricity. Machines of the radio-set, television and telescope work with the help of this power. Cold-storages have been possible only thanks to the electric power. Medical wards and cinema houses are air-conditioned only with the help of electricity. Many individuals use electricity to make their personal living more comfortable. Today a number of cars are being designed which can work on electricity.

In India, we need much more electricity to work out our projects. We have enough scope and potential in our country to install large number of power-plants. Let us hope for the day when the Indian farm-works and farmers will be mechanized with the help of the electricity.